Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

If you are traveling abroad we will help you for all your foreign exchange requirements. At DSKTC we cater to foreign exchange needs of individual and corporate travelers. We deal in 32 international currencies and are one of the largest sellers of all the major brands of travelers cheques like American Express, Thomas Cook etc.

Following are some of the value-added services we offer
• Services available from all DSKTC network locations in India.
• Foreign exchange requirements delivered at your doorstep at a time convenient to you.
• Free advisory service on the appropriate brand of travelers cheques to carry to your destination

Terms and Conditions
• Foreign exchange can be issued only to Indian residents or foreigners who are resident permit
• Requirement of foreign exchange for Tourist purposes
   ° In one calendar year maximum of US $10,000 or its equivalent
   ° Per trip maximum in currency: US $2000 or its equivalent.
   ° Other options are travelers cheques or CWM Card.

Payment Methods
• A maximum of Rs. 50000/- is payable in cash if it is the first transaction for a particular trip, balance
   or amount exceeding Rs.50000/- should be paid by cheque or demand draft.
•Only one demand draft should be made per passenger.

Documentation Required
• Original passport
• Ticket copy of the passenger.
• BTQ Form duly completed and signed by passenger
• Business letter on the company letter head, duly completed and signed by the authorized signatory
   (For business purpose).

  Even if BTQ and BT are combined in one trip, the passenger can avail only US$2000/- or
  its equivalent in currency notes.