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mddsktravels " Travelling whether for work or fun is always a matter of stress. The only way one can make this, 'a happy moment' is by choosing the right travel company(travel consultant). A travel company is like carrying your own concierge in your backpack or suitcase as the case maybe. I strongly believe and do hold our organization "DSK Travel Corporation" on one theory only... "Customer is King!" Being in the service industry and having high pressure & daily interactions with many people of different horizon, We as a team make sure, we delivered best of our knowledge & experience to satisfy the customer's queries/need.

On this "World Tourism Day" on 27th Sept, I would like to tell you that the prime objective is to provide and deliver economical, efficient yet expedient travel services to the customers. At DSK Travel Corporation, we blend global reach with experience along with a professional team which caters to each of your travel needs at every step of the way.

For discerning and demanding corporate clients, DSK Travel Corporation is the right Travel Consultant Company to partner with, providing 360 degree travel solutions fulfilling all requirements. We provide priority services to a number of blue chip clients within Pune and overseas. Prompt and timely services ensure that our clients have a peaceful and hassle free travelling experience. "

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