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Country : United KingdomVisa Documents

Tourist/Business Visa

1.6th Months Valid original passport from date of departure. (Fresh & old)
2.Personal Covering / Application letter if self employed it should be on business letterhead + visiting cards
3.Visa forms duly filled
4.Last 3 years IT returns Saral or Form 16 (Balance sheet is not necessary)
5.Bank statement or original bank passbook from last 6th month to till date of Submission.
•Liquidity up to 1.5 lacs to 2 lacs in any saving a/c bank pass book
•It should not be maintain by borrowing cash or temporary financial assistance from any one
•If there are some major cash deposited entry in s/v a/c self declaration letter from guest)
(Terms of investment –Fixed Deposits, Public provident fund, Monthly income scheme, National Savings certificates, Mutual funds, Demat a/c or share valuation, Bonds)
If you show maximum investment it will be easy to get the visa
7.Property If financial documents are not sufficient Property agreement, Property share certificate, Land property paper Land property Valuation report, House Tax Receipt
8.Self- employed,Company IT returns + owns IT returns for last 3 years (If any year IT returns is missing self declaration letter require from guest)
(Current a/c or Company a/c last 6th months to latest month bank statement) Self employed proof – Shop act, License, MOA, Partnership deed ECT
9.Employed Leave sanction letter or NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Company require on company letterhead and sign by head or superior.
(NOC or Leave sanction letter through e-mail won’t be acceptable)
10.Retired Retirement proof (Pension pass book or retirement letter or Pension order)
11.Student ID card, School Bonafide Certificate Other Additional Documents as per case
12.If any single child or adult up to age of 30 traveling alone or with guardians. (No objection letter from parents requires on 50 /100 rs stamp paper with notarize and attach Sign verification proof like Passport copy, driving License, Pan Card copy)
13.If wife is traveling alone or husband is traveling alone, No objection letter Require from both vice versa on 50/100 rs with notarize along with sign verification Proof (You can avail 50/100 Rs stamp paper at any magistrate court and get it NOC format with Notarization from any outside advocate.)
14.If widow is traveling, death certificate required
15.If single traveler taken divorce or separated, divorce paper require.
16.If farmer or Agriculturist – Land property paper (valuation report should be in English, saat Bara uttara)
35mm* X 45mm, matt finishing, white back ground, 80% facial image, latest color Photograph, white cloth is not allowed, Without Spectacles, Both ears should be visible.
18. If anyone is sponsoring/ inviting for the tour,
•Sponsorship letter (if self employed it should be on business letterhead and visiting cards)
•Working proof or salary slip
•Sponsored last 3 year IT returns
•Sponsored last 6th month bank statement and investments or some other evidence to show that they have enough money to support you.
19. *******Special notes*******
•All above documents should be original for UK visa
•Personally go and submit documents with above order.
•There is no any kind of wound or injury or (Mendi) on palm at time of documentation consulate people Are taking Biometrics (finger prints)

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